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I have been mad on crafting for as long as I can remember, making dolls clothes when I was little and knitting jumpers and tops and drawing as a young teenager. I love everything crafty which is why I dont finnish many things as I get side tracked by something else, this includes, crochet, knitting, felting, sewing, painting, drawing, cross stitch salt dough, nail art the list goes on. I see a colour I like or a shape and thats it I want to start on something new. I love it and the greatest feeling in the world is when someone else loves it too x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

New Bear available on Ebay


Ive just put my latest bear Hal on Ebay. He loves his pumpkins so much I'm keeping them with him when he goes to his new home.

The auction is for 5 days and finnishes on Sunday 23/10/11. I realy enjoyed making Hal. Im looking forward to starting a new bear now :0)

big warm bearhugs

Sunday, 16 October 2011

missing leads and thread jointing blues


Im sorry to say I have to start this blog with a bit of a moan. I am the only person in my house to upload pics from my camera and yet every time I want to do this someone has moved the lead... This usualy only takes about an hour until I eventualy find it but this time I've been looking for 4 days with no luck :0( The suspects, hubby, hannah and jamie each look at me and say " what lead?"

I think this is proof that I need a work room LOL

I have managed to upload a pic via FB of my latest bear Hal.

Hal is 3" tall and was sitting waiting for me to join him together for nearly 3 months, poor thing. But I went back to basics and re read instructions which was very useful. i think I had gotten into bad habbits over the years so it was refreshing to go back and start again.

Hope you all have a good October

big bearhugs