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I have been mad on crafting for as long as I can remember, making dolls clothes when I was little and knitting jumpers and tops and drawing as a young teenager. I love everything crafty which is why I dont finnish many things as I get side tracked by something else, this includes, crochet, knitting, felting, sewing, painting, drawing, cross stitch salt dough, nail art the list goes on. I see a colour I like or a shape and thats it I want to start on something new. I love it and the greatest feeling in the world is when someone else loves it too x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hugo and others


As promised I have taken some pics of the chenille bears.
They were great fun to do

I also finnished Hugo who is 3 1/2" standing and made from Short pile Mohair. His nose is polimer clay and I used a cotter pin joint for his head and thread jointed his arms and legs.

So feeling brave I cut out the pattern for a fluffy orange bunny. She is for my Daughters friends birthday next month.

Im off to find some unusual material for the pads today and sparkley thread for her nose I think :0)

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Dont Panic!


After my Christmas rush Iwas so excited about my new bears for 2011. But 2 weeks ago I started getting terrible pains in my left arm. My shoulder hs been bad for a few months but I just ignored it. Unfortunately I cant ignore my arm, which means at the moment I cant knit or crochet as the pain is so bad :0(

I have to make something or I will go crazy so I dug out some bear patterns and found a little Short pile Mohair and set to work. Sewing is ok in short burst as I can leave my left arm still for most of the time. I also found some chenille sticks that I bought last year and have started making bears with thoes too. Pics to follow tomorrow as I have run out of light.

So I've told myself "Don't Panic" I can still make bears and catch up on reading all thoes bear magazines I've been saving. I'll go to the drs as soon as I can and find out whats going on with me :0)

Big Bearhugs
Wonderland Bears

Sunday, 2 January 2011

A New Year

Firstly a Very Happy New Year to you all.

Bearmaking took a bit of a back seat for me last year. But this year Im ready to go lol. I have already started my first little bear and hope to have her finnished later today.

Big bearhugs
Alison :0)