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I have been mad on crafting for as long as I can remember, making dolls clothes when I was little and knitting jumpers and tops and drawing as a young teenager. I love everything crafty which is why I dont finnish many things as I get side tracked by something else, this includes, crochet, knitting, felting, sewing, painting, drawing, cross stitch salt dough, nail art the list goes on. I see a colour I like or a shape and thats it I want to start on something new. I love it and the greatest feeling in the world is when someone else loves it too x

Thursday, 29 April 2010


I finnished a sweet little bear this week at 2.25" tall Elliot is the baby of the Wonderland bears.

Thank heavens for the lighter evenings. This means I can make bears in the evening. This week I have been playing around with photoStudio trying to crop and adjust my photos. This is going well untill I try to save what I've done. Then I find I cant view them!

I will keep going and stay calm but untill then I've always got the untouced version of the picture lol x

Big bearhugs

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Another New bear and a very clever Bichon Frise puppy


Just finnished another bear called Martha. she is going to a new home with Gladys. Im also getting ready for a big spring clean around the house so martha may be the last for a little while, although I have some bear parts still waiting to be put together :0)

Lily our puppy has learnt to jump onto the sofa and this morning turned on the remote and was sat watching the motor racing ?!!! They told me she was intelegent buy wow who would have thought. She'll be reading the Times next.

Big bearhugs

Friday, 2 April 2010

A very busy week

What a busy week!
Philip Bunny has gone to a new home ( sniff). clutching his carrot I hope his new mummy is pleased with him


Tulip was also finnished this week!

Made from punch thread with a yellow cotton dress and hat with a gem necklace I was very happy to hand her to her new owner yesterday. I made a box with stamped bunnieds and hearts on it but didn't get a chance to take a picture. I gave her some rosey cheeks and a black embroidered nose. I enjoyed making her so much I cant wait to get started on another bear.
Im now on annual leave from work for 10 days yipee. So Im going to have a good sping clean spend time with hubby and the children and CHROCHET to my hearts content. Oh what bliss... HAPPY EASTER Everyone xxxxxxxxx